Created by Digitalarti in 2011 the aim of the Artlab is to welcome artists to create with the Digitalarti teams of engineers, designers and coders with a creative, collaborative and innovative approach. The approach is multidisciplinary, at the crossroads between the possibilities of technology and the inspiration of artists. The creations may be new artworks, new or adapted versions of existing ones for a specific place or a client event.

The Artlab is a creative space where artists design imaginative works in collaboration with engineers. It is a place for research, development and prototyping dedicated to digital arts and providing artists with advanced technical skills, as well as considerable material resources to enable works to be produced. Two parties often co-produce the works embraced within the Artlab: the artist with a creative original idea and Digitalarti with its material, human and financial resources. Co-productions are created here through prototypes, testing and research.


Artlab welcomes artists in 3 different ways:

– Resident: collaboration between an artist and the Digitalarti Artlab leading to the production of a work, usually a co-production

– Visitor: an autonomous project by an artist / technician, benefitting from the space, tools, atmosphere and guidance from the Artlab team (free in exchange for participating in lab life, exchanging expertise and knowledge…)

– Service: an artist entrusts Artlab to carry out the technical part of their project.

Projects are selected according to several criteria: artistic quality, technical knowledge of the artist, potential impact on the career of the artist/technician, contribution to the development of Artlab, ability of the project and artist to integrate the life of Artlab, potential for dissemination of the creation.


In addition to it’s team of engineers, technicians and designers, the Artlab has numerous machines from computer-aided tools, CNC, 3D printers, laser cutting and electronic card engraving including:

– Digital / Computer: The Artlab is equipped with several computers with all available operating systems (Linux, Windows, Mac OSX)
– PCB : the Artlab has the necessary equipment for the production of printed circuits prototypes.
– Electronic work: The Artlab is equipped with the tools necessary for basic or advanced electronic assembly and with many electronic parts and kits
– Grinder Proxxon®
– Digital milling Proxxon®
– Two jigsaws Proxxon®
– Laser cutters Full Spectrum Laser®
– Renita Ingrave 3D software
– 3 x 3D printers including Machine FDM or Fused deposition UP Plus 2
– Wood and metal Lathe
– Various 3D software including nccad8
–  3D printer Leapfrog CreatrHS

The Artlab has also several tools that can be found in fablabs and other prototyping tools spaces like:

– Small and large drill to Proxxon® column
– Various tools

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